Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation provides new hair with natural and permanent solutions to people who have hair loss problems. Hair transplantation is a medical treatment that uses microsurgical procedures to achieve this. Hair transplantation is performed safely in the hospital environment with the sophisticated techniques used today.

Hair Transplant

Unlike traditional surgical procedures, hair transplantation is performed with minimal surgical intervention. In addition to patients suffering from male pattern baldness, it allows people who lose their hair for various reasons to regain their natural-looking hair safely. Hair transplantation also provides solutions for women who have lost their hair for various reasons or who want to give their hair a more vivid and toned look.

Male pattern hair loss is a situation that can start in the 20s. We know that 50% of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss. This hair loss called Androgeneteic Alopecia also affects women. Today’s hair transplantation methods can eliminate the worries and social concerns caused by hair loss in short periods.

The hair transplantation process includes the same procedures for beard, eyebrow, and mustache transplantation.

The basic principles of all techniques used in hair transplantation include harvesting the hair follicles and transporting them to the recipient site. The whole process should be carried out by specialist doctors in a full-fledged hospital environment. The selection of the region where healthy hair follicles will be harvested, the harvesting technique, the place where the harvested hair follicles are sown, the method used and the method of planting are important for the successful results of the process. For hair transplantation, healthy hair follicles are usually transplanted from the back of the head to the balding area. For beard and mustache hairs are usually used in the chest. The growth direction, angle, and thickness of the hair follicles taken from the harvested area here should be taken from the points that are compatible with the region to be planted.

The most common and successful Hair Transplantation Techniques used today are:

  • Classic FUE (with micro motors)
  • Robotics FUE
  • DHI technique (made with FUE, Choi implants)
  • Sapphire FUE (FUE made with sapphire blades)
  • The basic principle of all these techniques is that they provide healing in a short time with minimum scarring and provide healthy and natural looking hair. In some cases, more than one technique can be used in combination.

No shave hair transplant process, which is very comfortable for the patient, requires more effort for the doctor who makes hair transplantation using this method.  The most important reason for preferring no shave hair transplant method is to increase the comfort of the patient and to continue his / her daily life without interruption.

In addition, PRP treatment is one of the methods successfully applied by patients who experience hair loss. The most important reason for preferring hair regeneration process is that it does not include surgery. The growth of hair is promoted by collecting plasma from the blood and injecting it into the areas where the hair is shedding or showing signs of shedding.

In our fully-equipped clinic, we are waiting for you to ensure that you return home happy with your new look after a successful and painless operation with the procedures used by our specialist surgeons and the use of sedation given under the supervision of our anesthesiologist.

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