Beard Transplantation in Turkey

Beard transplantation is performed in men in cases where there is no beard growth, sparse or shedding. Beards may not grow, fall out for various reasons, or beard hair does not grow in that area due to surgery or scarring. This may be due to both genetic reasons and an illness. Beard is an integral part of male aesthetics and its rarity or loss is undesirable. Over time, spilled sparse beards create an uncomfortable appearance. Beard transplantation is the most effective and definitive method to solve this problem.

Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation can also contribute to the solution of some psychological problems by providing results in corners.

During beard transplantation, the hair follicles to be planted are taken from the neck. İf the hair on the back of the neck is suitable for transplantation, the hair follicles are removed and transplanted by beard transplantation.

The most suitable procedure in beard transplantation is FUE method. The hair follicles to be transplanted to the beard by FUE method are taken from the back of the neck and the holes are placed one by one in the beard area without creating incision. Shorter sowing time prevents loss of hair follicles. Planted hair follicles retain their previous characteristics and continue to grow.

During beard transplantation, the frequency of sowing and the sowing line are evaluated according to the request of the person. During the process, the direction of hair growth, planting frequency, nutrition and elongation should be provided to provide. 4 to 6 months after the beard transplantation, the hair grows.

If there are still significant gaps after this time, the beard transplant may be repeated.

In beard transplantation, depending on the condition of the person, it is possible to transplant the beard by using hairs on the neck, chest or other part of the face, as well as on the neck. This depends on the condition of the hairs in the person and whether they are suitable for cultivation.For those who want more beard, beard transplantation is not a problem.

Beard is an important aesthetic element for men. With the developing technology, you can easily grow your beard and have lifelong healthy and bushy beards.

The suitability of the existing hairs before the beard transplantation, whether there is sufficient hair follicles for planting, which method will be applied, how long it will take and the hairs from which part of the body should be decided by specialist doctors.

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