DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) in Turkey

What is DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method?

DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method is one of the application methods used in hair transplantation processes. DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) operation method is preferred today, also known as Pen technique or direct hair transplantation. DHI is not a hair transplantation technique, but a form of application. Although the DHI method is a newly applied method, its advantages make it highly preferred.

DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implant)

DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method, based on the FUE method is applied in a different way. Hair transplantation process consists of 3 stages. These steps are to collect the grafts, open the channels, and sow the hair follicle. In DHI method, unlike FUE hair transplantation method, grooving is not performed additionally. In DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method, the grafts are collected with a medical pen, and after an instant procedure, both the canal is opened and the hair follicle is placed. Hair transplantation process which takes place in 2 stages with FUE technique is reduced to one stage with DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method.

Before DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant), the area to be transplanted is anesthetized with local anesthesia, then the roots are loosened with the help of a device and the roots are easily removed. Most of the collected grafts have hair follicles. No grooving process is performed, hair transplantation process is started immediately by placing them at appropriate angles. The medical pen has a pointed tip to place the hair follicle. This process significantly shortens the healing process of the planting area.

The most important feature of DHI hair transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) method is that it can be applied without shaving. The hair follicles are transplanted 1-2 minutes after the donor area is removed, which prevents damage to the hair and roots, and the donor is not adversely affected.

The fact that the existing hair is not shaved makes the DHI method particularly preferred by women.

In DHI method, hair roots can be transplanted more frequently, which facilitates hair transplantation in the restricted area. As a result, the appearance is much more natural. With the medical pen used, the damage caused by the operation is minimal, bleeding is almost negligible, so the healing process is quite fast. The existing hair is not damaged by DHI method and there is no scar after hair transplantation.

After this process, bushy and healthy hair is achieved.

Hair transplantation with DHI application requires great care and experience. It is almost impossible to revert hair transplantation. The physician and his / her team should be selected carefully.

The doctors and our team in our center are experienced. They carefully plan operations and implement them with care. They allow you to return home happily, with bushy and healthy hair.

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