FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey

Today, many people suffer from hair loss and baldness due to genetic and stress-related reasons. About 40% of the world’s 30-year-old male population is considered to have hair loss problems.

Fue Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation operation is a permanent solution for people with hair loss problem. The hair transplantation operation can also be performed in areas with slight thinning or partial opening on the hair, scarring or hair loss due to various hair diseases, or for women who want their hair diluted or shed to have an aesthetic appearance.

Follicluar Unit Traction (FUT) technique is applied to the hair follicles (hair grafts) with local anesthesia as a cross-section of the donor area is closed by suturing. In this method of hair transplantation, the healing time is prolonged and there may be a significant suture in the area where the hair is taken.

In the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method, the hair roots taken from the donor area are transplanted into the balding area without opening the canal with the implant. Sowing Choi needle is very thin, cylindrical and sharp tip. The Choi needle is in the form of a channel, the hair is inserted through the channel and inserted into the needle. In this hair transplantation method, the survival time of the grafts before transplantation is higher and the healing process is faster since the hair follicles stay out of tissue.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the most widely used hair transplantation method in the world. It is the transfer of the hair follicles (grafts) taken individually by micro motors to the balding area by applying local anesthesia from the patient’s body. It is the most natural hair transplantation method with the most natural results. In the FUE method, when the hair is taken, no scalpel is used, no stitches are taken and as a result there is no scar in the region where the roots are taken. After FUE, patients recover quickly and return to normal life.

In the FUE method, the attending physician must determine the angle of each graft before removing the hairs under the skin. A 1 millimeter punch is used to puncture the grafts and very fine forceps are used to remove the grafts from the body. The grafts are then examined under a microscope, then gently placed in the recipient area. The specialist will select thicker, multi-haired grafts on the top of the scalp where the hair density is desired. If the area to be transplanted is in front of the scalp, it will choose thinner grafts for a natural hairline.

Hair transplant operation can be applied to people between the ages of 20-60, the operation will take about 3 days, the operation time will be between 6-8 hours. It will take 6-18 months for full results.

Our doctors and staff in our center, who are experts in their fields, are experienced, have an aesthetic point of view, and are friendly. Our hair transplantation center is fully equipped with all clinical conditions and provides services not only to Turkish patients but also to patients from different countries of the Europe in the field of hair transplantation and treatment.