Hair Loss Repair in Turkey

Hair loss repair is often a way to solve the problem of aging men. However, hair loss is a condition that everyone can live for various reasons. Every day people lose some of their hair, and at the same time, new hair comes out.

If the hair loss event doesn’t fall out and grow out of its normal routine, it differs from the natural cycle, which can have various reasons.

Hair Loss Repair

If your family has permanent hair loss before the age of 30, this may have the same result for you for an hereditary reason.

In addition to heredity, hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, some of which are:

In women, hair loss may be permanent in cases that may cause hormone imbalance in the body such as birth control pill, pregnancy, birth, menopause.

Disease or stress can cause the body to automatically stop hair production. Thyroid disorder, syphilis, iron deficiency, lupus or severe infections can also stop the body’s hair production. The disease called alopecia areata, which is not yet treated, can also cause rapid and permanent hair loss in the body.

Cancerous chemotherapy, and some drugs used to treat high blood pressure and gout may also cause this. Excessive vitamin A in the body can lead to hair loss.

With severe diet or eating disorders, consequences such as bulimia and anorexia, inadequate protein, vitamin and mineral intake of the body may stun and slows down hair growth. Aging naturally slows down hair growth.

Surgical methods for hair loss repair provide quick and permanent solutions.

In this process, when there is baldness in some part of the hair, grafts or hair follicles are taken from other parts that are still hair and placed in the area with baldness. There are different hair transplantation procedures, depending on how these grafts or hair follicles are removed and placed.

In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, the follicular grafts are cut individually using a machine and then transplanted. It is a time-consuming procedure, but since there are no cuts and sutures, the healing process is very rapid and there is no risk of scarring.

In DHI hair transplantation method, the grafts are collected with a medical pen, and after an instant procedure, both the canal is opened and the hair follicle is placed. Hair transplantation process which takes place in 2 stages with FUE technique is reduced to one stage with DHI hair transplantation method.

Scalp Reduction is one of the treatment methods. In this process, a bald part of the scalp is removed by injecting local anesthetic into the scalp. The surrounding skin is then loosened, then stretched so that portions of the scalp are joined and closed with sutures. This procedure can also be applied with hair transplantation. After this procedure, there may be a feeling of tightness in the head and may be painful for several months.

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