Hair Regeneration Vaccine in Turkey

Hair regeneration vaccine has been the solution to the problem of hair loss which is seen in almost every individual today due to various reasons (genetic and hormonal factors, various diseases and drugs used in their treatments, not being fed properly, drinking, smoking, stress).

Recovering lost hair is possible with hair transplantation operations. The hair renegeneration vaccine offers you the right solution at the beginning of hair loss or when the hair loses volume or becomes weak.

Hair Regeneration Vaccine (ACELL + PRP)

Hair regeneration vaccine operation performed with ACell + PRP method is the process with the best results by reviving the body’s self-healing mechanism.

In Hair Regeneration, ACell is combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and injected into the scalp. ACell is an FDA-approved cellular regeneration product that combines with a patient’s own stem cells (PRP) and enhances hair growth for both men and women, as well as used for wound healing.

Acell is a naturally occurring, non-crosslinked, absorbable, acellular material that triggers the formation of new blood vessels, accelerating healing by moving a large number of cell types to the site of injury.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a concentrated part of the patient’s own blood, which is used to promote healing in the body.

The application of ACell + PRP allows small hair follicles to grow as healthier and more robust hair. While ACell activates adult stem cells, PRP is loaded with growth factors that promote rapid angiogenesis and local cell growth.

Acell + Prp in hair regeneration vaccine is an effective treatment for both men and women. When Acell + Prp is applied at the beginning of baldness, hair loss in men is reduced and normalized and baldness is shifted to later ages.

It is a successful treatment method for hair loss and lupus shedding and for those having problems with eyebrow and beard.

Briefly; ACELL + PRP method is used in hair regeneration as a support treatment in hair loss, hair thinning and slimming, hair loss, protecting and taking precautions.This method also increases the quality of existing hair in the future to a certain extent is prevented loss.

Men and women over the age of 18 in the early stages of genetic hair loss are most likely to benefit from ACell + PRP treatment. Regular treatments with ACell + PRP prevent targeted hair follicles from being miniaturized, renewing the ones that have already declined, leaving more hair in your head.

The ACell + PRP method in hair regeneration vaccine accelerates healing time and makes it comfortable, stabilizes hair loss, and improves the quality of natural hair.

In Acell + Prp method, application should be given at right angle, right depth and amount. Hair regeneration vaccine with Acell + Prp method is carried out in our center, with specialist physicians and our team.