Mustache Transplantation in Turkey

What is Mustache Transplantation?

Mustache Transplantation is a method used for permanent hair loss on the upper lip, known as the mustache area. Mustache Transplantation is the solution to problems such as scarring, surgical scar, burn scar, spill. Mustache Transplantation is a method that can be preferred by men who are not satisfied with the shape of their mustache.

Mustache Transplant

Today, mustache transplantation is a very successful solution for men who care about their appearance and who think that their mustache is not enough to reflect their unique style. Mustache fashion dates back centuries, and is nowadays maintained by many men. For men who do not have a mustache for various reasons, or who have a mustache and cannot give the shape they want, moustache transplantation can give men the way they want to achieve the image they dream of.

Mustache transplantation is performed from the age of 20, when hormones reach the basal level. It provides a permanent and highly natural solution for those who want to have more bushy mustaches, or those who have skin diseases, and mustache spills due to injuries and burns.

In our center, our specialist doctor first checks whether the patient has a health barrier for mustache transplantation. He/She then carefully evaluates how many grafts are needed for sowing, the mustache density of the area to be sown and the productivity of the donor area. After that, the method and date of the operation will be decided with the patient.

Mustache transplantation is performed by FUE method in our center. In FUE mustache transplantation method; The neck of the donor is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the hair follicles are collected one by one with a micro motor and kept in containers with hyposol or cold isotonic. In the region to be sown, channels are opened with steel-tipped blades, roots are collected in the opened channels and the process is completed. Opening the channels in accordance with the exit angle of the mustaches around the region determines the success of the operation. With local anesthesia, painless operation can take 2-3 hours depending on the intensity of the planting area. FUE method minimizes complications and shortens the healing process. This is a procedure frequently and successfully performed by our specialist doctors.

Mustache transplantation is a procedure performed on the face. Since it is done in a region that may pose a much more risk than other planting operations, extreme caution should be exercised during the operation. Our specialist doctors have done this meticulously many times.

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