Robotic Hair Transplant in Turkey

Robotic hair transplant is one of the latest innovations in hair transplant surgery. Robotic hair transplant uses the follicular isolation technique to collect follicular unit / grafts, which is very suitable for robot technology.

Today’s robotic hair transplant technology can only be applied to individuals with straight and dark hair.

The robotic hair transplant process delivers fast, painless, permanent and high-quality results from preparation to processing.

Robotic Hair Transplant

In the robotic hair transplantation process, as the first process, the hair roots will be taken and the region to be transplanted, front, back, side and top photos are taken. Simulation is performed and the results are rendered in 3D. It is decided which hair follicles are to be taken from the back of the neck. It is then decided which region, at which density, and at which angle the hair is to be transplanted, and which direction the hair is to be given.

The most important point here is that the process is carried out by transmitting all this information to the robot by the doctor, that is, the robot does not make any decision on his own, but does the information given to him by the doctor. In practice, the robot makes hair follicle harvesting and cultivation faster. In other words, the process speed that a doctor will reach with skill and experience can be reached immediately with the algorithm he uses.

The robot harvests roots and opens canals.

In channel opening process; the robot memorizes the direction and volume density of the hair follicles (which differs in each individual) and opens channels without damaging the existing follicles.

Advantages of this process;

  • Harvesting is done with intelligent algorithms.
  • Natural distribution without damaging healthy hair.
  • In the sowing process, no liquid is given under the skin, so subcutaneous tissue does not become traumatized, edema and swelling are almost absent, and the healing process is accelerated.
  • Stitches do not leave the process and leave no trace, is painless.
  • Intelligent algorithm eliminates human error.
  • Processing speed is higher than other processes.
  • Leaves a natural appearance in the harvested area, giving the same appearance as the previous hair direction and spacing.
  • The robotic hair transplant procedure is usually completed in one day. This allows you to continue your daily life without interruption.

For hair transplantation, all the equipment of our age is available in our center. Our specialist doctors and teams will provide you with the best solution for you to return home happily.